Recent Project Photos

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“I can’t believe how great the work turned out.  I couldn’t be happier!”  John D.

“The holes in the tub had me worried, one was HUGE – I thought I’d have to replace the tub for sure.  Not only did you fix it, but I used it the very next day. Amazing Work!!”Michael C.

“What a DIFFERENCE!!  The old finish was chipping and blistering all over.  You worked so hard- and it looks GREAT!  The no-slip bottom is perfect.  The hospital thanks you and I thank you. George H.

“I am just THRILLED!  Not only was it ugly before – but the custom color is exactly what I wanted.  I am especially happy you were able to fix the broken tiles and soap dish.



Jennifer S.

“You are the BEST!  It was great to work with you – I will be sure to refer you often!

Diane C.

“I can’t believe the difference!!  It looks fantastic.  Super work!” -Carl F.

“The old ugly tile – Gone!  Grab rails – Gone!  I can hardly believe it – you did a great job.  I LOVE IT!  So shinny, and you can’t tell there was ever any cracked tiles or rails on the walls.” -Marc S