Resurfacing Process

How we do it.


  1. We lay out drop cloths in the work area and the hallways leading up to the work area to prevent any accidental mess
  2. We remove caulk / silicon, hardware / fixtures, drain baskets and accessories
  3. We apply a patented bio-degradable acid etch to prepare the surface
  4. We clean, sand and repair all work surfaces
  5. We hand wash and dry all work surfaces
  6. We mask off all work and adjacent areas with tape, protective paper and plastic sheeting
  7. We apply a patented pre-adhesive bonding material
  8. We apply a patented porcelain-based primer coat containing sealer and bonder
  9. We apply multiple top coats of  patented porcelain-based finish material which has the highest solids count in the industry – 92% solids
  10. We thoroughly clean up the work area and remove all trash
  11. Surface will typically cure in 10 – 12 hours. Curing time may be chemically accelerated to about 4 hours for special needs jobs
  12. We remove all masking materials and apply silicon caulk and re-install all fixtures and accessories

If you get a quote from another resurfacing company and they do not do ALL of these steps, ask them WHY???!  Then compare…  and you will see what sets us apart from the others.   Our 5 year warranty is standard and FREE – because our products and system are THE BEST.